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About Us


Trumpet of Patriots (TOP) was formed on August 23, 2021 to create a political movement to provide an alternative to the Liberal National, Labour and Green Coalition where common sense, truth and scientific principles were being abandoned by an incompetent and untrustworthy government. 

We no longer expected that any combination of the existing parties could turn things around as they had no exit strategy, except for mandatory vaccination and more debilitating coercive measures, to obtain compliance against the will of the Australian people.  


The advantages of TOP for the 2022 Federal Election is that we are not beholden to anyone; cannot be bought; exercises reason; embrace political co-operation with alternative parties and we enact change through the will of the people rather than any party based ethos.

TOP emerged from the grass-root Freedom Movement and is working tirelessly to end the medical apartheid created by the Liberal-Labor directives.


We are here to unify, rather than divide the social fabric of Australia. 

With the passion of the ANZACS who fought for freedom in previous World wars, our legacy will be our determination to stop the current mass formation psychosis that has enveloped the Western World, as we work to heal the personal and fiscal fallout of irresponsible governance as we restore Australia’s reputation as ‘The Lucky Country’.

Our Promise to You

Trumpet of Patriots understand that we are temporary caretakers of the hopes and dreams of everyday Australians and promise to end each successive term of office in a better state than when we took charge . 

We promise to listen and contemplate first and then speak Truth clearly, without embellishment so that we represent each and every Australian with fairness on honourability.

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