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TOP is seeking unique candidates who are loyal to true democracy, with morals and a resolve to truly represent the electorate.

Do you have these 3 Exceptional Skills?


  1. A compassionate heart

  2. Practical Intelligence and a clarity of thought

  3. Passion to do the right thing and see it through

If so, and you feel the call to restore Australians’ rights and freedoms then contact our Vice President to discuss your potential nomination.


Firstly, tell us a little about yourself:

  1. Who you are, including your contact details

  2. Life experience where you handled adversity and showed resilience

  3. Five positive qualities that best describe you

  4. Include three testimonial statements from three different areas of your life attesting to your ability to make a difference in Australian Politics


Secondly, answer the following 7 questions as candidly as you can:

  1. What Federal Electorate do you wish to represent?

  2. What you want your legacy in politics to be?

  3. Why you can’t be bought?

  4. Why you intend to vote according to the Will of your Electorate?

  5. Are you Ministerial material? If so, what three portfolios would you best be suited to?

  6. What three things in your life have prepared you to be right for the political demands of this extraordinary time we currently find ourselves in?

  7. Lastly, what are four most urgent things that TOP needs to introduce and see passed in Parliament which will positively impact in the short term to lift the Australian spirit?

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