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TOP’s Membership is free!

TOP will maximise our reach through the collective generosity of our membership. TOP is proud to be the Voice of Reason and carry the hopes and dreams of ordinary Australians. Numbers count.  

In a political world, the work done behind the scenes is a huge undertaking, however no matter how much effort we all contribute, political success at the polls requires significant funding.

The biggest corporation of the World is We The People. If we (TOP members) are able to contribute on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis and we grow our membership ten, twenty or a hundred-fold then we have a real opportunity to bring about political change. We have much work to do. 


How much is freedom worth?

Do we sacrifice now or do we allow ourselves to be sacrificed?

We recognise all of our volunteers as the backbone of TOP, no matter how small or large their contribution. Every member of TOP have the ability to find new members who willingly donate. 

We are not a party run by billionaires and therefore TOP needs a continual influx of donations to service running costs, professional marketing fees, advertising, signage and to assist our candidates in their electoral campaigns. 

Again, consider what happens if, God forbid, either Liberal or Labor are voted in.

It’s important to spread the word.  

You can donate once, regularly or infrequently. Every donation helps.

Bank Details:

Account name: Trumpet of Patriots
Please use this reference: Donation
BSB: 805-007

ACC: 00285396

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