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Australia - It is time to stand United

For all of the people who have been stood down from their jobs.

For all of the business owners who have been forced to close shop.

For all of the people forced in to unemployment, poverty and bankruptcy.

For all of the families who were denied the chance to say goodbye to loved ones.

For all of the people who were forced to take their last breath alone.

For the women who had to give birth without their support people around them.

For the Australians who have been stuck overseas and the foreign nationals unable to return home.

For the children who have had their childhoods stolen.

For the vaccine injured or killed who thought they were doing the right thing.

For their families who now have to grieve their loved one, lost to an experiment..

For everyone who has been lied to, bullied, manipulated, coerced and subjected to this out of control government.

For your friend, family member or colleague who has endured any or all of the above.

For everyone who has had enough and just wants their lives back.

Now is the time to rise, together and demand our Freedoms and our country back.

There are no excuses, there is nothing more important, it is time.

It doesn't matter how you get there.

It doesnt matter who you go with.

It doesn't matter when you get there.

It doesn't matter what they say or try to do to stop us all..

This is a call out to every single Australian.

The convoys are on the way from every single corner of the country right now.

They will not be stopped, and if for any reason you are, then you protest where you are stopped and you call in for back up!!!

Don't worry about the finer details, just go!

Follow Canada's lead, they showed up, they held the line and called for others to join them. It's been over a week and thousands of people join in every single day.

The farmers joined in.

The families joined in.

People marched in the streets.

Churches and volunteer organisations have now opened their doors for shelter and are feeding the people.

Australia, we have a perfect example to follow!

Lets go.

You know what to do!!!

See you there!

Elle Salzone
Party Leader

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