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Important Party Announcement ahead of the 2022 Federal Election

Dear TOP Member,

Trumpet of Patriots was officially founded on the 23rd August, 2021 with the primary objective being unity within the freedom movement.

In our first six months as a party, the TOP Executive received regular feedback from members seeking unity amongst the Minor Parties in both Federal and State politics. According to our members, this was what really mattered most to them!

In the lead up to the South Australia March 19 election, our Executive Committee decided to send a strong message of unification to the South Australian electorate.

After completing a thorough assessment of like-minded SA political parties, the Party Executive passed a motion for TOP to support Bob Day’s Australian Family Party for their SA Election campaign.

The recent South Australian electoral results brought about a landslide Labor victory, spurred on largely by false Labor claims of insufficient beds in the A$2.3B Royal Adelaide Hospital leading toramping crisis”. Given the RAH was the third most expensive building in the world at the time it was built in 2017, and the South Australian community seemed to swallow the Labor propaganda hook, line and sinker, the TOP leadership team realised that it was going to take every available resource to prevent a massive swing to Labor in the Federal election based on the incompetent performance of the Federal Liberal party in its current term of Government.

With Newspoll’s recent predictions of a strong Labor win in the Federal election it appears as if the narrative has been set for the globalist-aligned Labor party to take our country further down the track along the paths of New Zealand and Canada who’s ruling elite appear to have completely sold out to the New World Order.

Meanwhile, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has appeared to have exercised every available measure to delay the successful registration of Trumpet of Patriots in time for the Federal Election.

With numerous freedom-centric parties across the country recently stripped of their party registration status by the AEC, whose overly pedantic technicalities, unexplained delays and unscrupulous criteria changes appear to have served only one purpose: that being the decimation of any amount of meaningful opposition for the Liberal, Labour & Greens coalition in the forthcoming Federal election.

Senior TOP party members have worked tirelessly since 2021 in discussions centred on alliances with the senior committee executive of numerous freedom-aligned parties, however, before rushing in without protecting our members’ interests, TOP held out for two important criteria to be met with any alliance, being:

  1. Trumpet of Patriots would NOT be required to withdraw from our active AEC registration to complete the alliance, and

  2. TOP members would not be required to join another political party and could remain with the party as it became independently registered.

The leadership team of the Australian Federation Party (AFP), having on the 25th March 2022 just received much-awaited confirmation from the AEC that their political registration status was 100% secure for the 2022 election, matched the vision and foresight shared by TOP seeking real unity.

Less than 24 hrs later, the TOP Executive unanimously approved a resolution for a party alliance between Trumpet of Patriots and the Australian Federation Party.

Uniquely, this alliance would allow for Trumpet of Patriots to continue its current AEC party registration application whilst simultaneously preserving the ongoing membership rights of all Trumpet of Patriot members.

The unprecedented alliance between TOP and AFP ensures the survival of the freedom first ethos of the Trumpet of Patriots party without the party being required to withdraw from the AEC Party registration process as well as offering the added benefit of providing TOP political candidates with the opportunity to continue to represent TOP values and principles through the AFP’s invitation for our party to run our TOP candidates under the Australian Federation Party’s conglomerate, part of the CADCO group of parties.

Currently 4 Trumpet of Patriots executive committee members have been invited to represent the Australian Federation Party joining two former TOP executive members who have also taken up an opportunity to represent the AFP’s CADCO coalition partner, Great Australia Party (GAP).

This ensures that the values and ideals of Trumpet of Patriots will be represented by like-minded Senate and House of Representative candidates in the forthcoming Federal election.

There is no question though that taking government will be no easy task and as such an urgent Call to Action is now being made to every one of our TOP members, including YOU.

Winston Churchill when faced with the prospect of surrendering to Hitler during World War II said:

“You ask. What is our aim? I can answer in one word: victory; victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

If Australia fails to stop the New World Order takeover of our once free and sovereign country, our once inalienable freedom and rights could be lost forever, becoming nothing but a fading memory.

NOW is the time to sacrifice time, money and energy over the next SIX weeks for what is undoubtably the most important cause in our lives so far.

Matilda Bawden
Matilda Bawden TOP Party Secretary - Lower House Candidate for Spence

Nicholas Duffield
Graham Hood & Nicholas Duffield TOP President - Senate Candidate

Huge Police presence in Canberra
Huge Police presence in Canberra

Our candidates need your immediate help! So, why wait?

YOU can make a real difference as either a volunteer in the lead up to election day with poster installations, or as a party scrutineer or volunteer at a polling booth on election day.

Within the AFP alliance, our TOP candidates need teams of 50 to get out and about in their electorates to spread the word, making the electorate aware that our local candidate is the real alternative come Election Day.

After all what is the point of being a member of a political party which champions the values of freedom and liberty when, if push comes to shove, you stand aside to let others to do the heavy lifting?

To offer your assistance of physical or financial support to TOP candidates please contact TOP Treasurer Grant Harrison on mobile: 0402 366 558 or email:

We also require Street Rep volunteers for freedom party campaigning (such as letter boxing) to ensure our message of freedom and rights becomes broadly visible across each election. This is as easy as clicking on this link:

We encourage EVERY TOP Member to become a street rep today!

Remember, you do not need to join another party as your TOP membership is valid under the new alliance as the Australian Federation Party are already fully registered and have sufficient members already.

Your vote however for the Australian Federation Party is a vote for Trumpet of Patriots.

Now is the time to make your voice heard and have your actions remembered for future generations to honour.

Together, we can take back our freedom at the Federal election.

Yours honourably,

Matilda Bawden

Party Secretary – Trumpet of Patriots

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