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Polling payday for the political cartel - Topher Field

In Topher's latest video he gives a crystal clear message about how the major parties are funded.

"Voting day is PAYDAY for the Political Cartel.

After the 2019 election taxpayers handed out over $69MILLION to political parties... to repay them for the cost of advertising to us to win our vote!

So let's be clear... the POLITICIANS make voting mandatory... then the POLITICIANS give themselves money for every vote they get?

Yeah, that's not sus at all! But it gets worse, watch the video to understand how the BIG parties (Labor, Liberal, Nationals, and Greens) have designed the system to be anti-competitive, doing things which, in my opinion, would put anyone in the private sector in prison!

Watch, comment, share, and remember to put the majors last!"

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