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A Letter from our Founder and President of the Trumpet of Patriots

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

2022 is the defining Year for Freedom and will see a worldwide Guarantee of Fundamental Human Rights.

Trumpet of Patriots grew out of the grass-root Freedom Movement.

Like many of you, I could see the writing on the wall. We were lied to when we were told: “Two weeks to flatten the curve”. Our Liberal and Labor (LIBOR) governments colluded together, in an illegal ‘National Cabinet’ led by Prime Minster Scott Morrison to systematically induce fear and compliance of the Australian people.

Our country has never had to fight a war on our soil and yet I am so proud and thankful to stand with so many awake people who have taken a stand against the tyrannical measures introduced in lockstep across our nation, fuelled on by the complicit fake legacy media. Thankyou to those of you who have joined or are about to do so.

It has been an incredible ride so far and we have much to do to be ready to take our place at the head of the table in Canberra. We will not let you down. We intend to govern according to the wishes of the Australian People. We will be the Voice for everyday Australians, who realise that Australian politics can no longer include corrupt parties, such as the coalitions formed by Liberal/Nationals and Labor/Greens, or the "Grey Coalition" as it has become known.

The current government MPs are required to give their allegiance first to their own party or faction. Trumpet of Patriot parliamentary representatives take an oath to give their allegiance to the people within their electorate and will vote in parliament according to the will of the people.

Our MPs will work collaboratively as a team to introduce new legislation to replace the current Act that strip Australians of their freedoms and favour international corporations and One World Government. We will act to improve the quality of life through our policies supporting all Australian business, while putting the needs of everyday Australians first. We understand that for a country, people or community to thrive over generations, we must make decisions that result in a win for the people.

TOP created history, even before we actually become a pre-Parliamentary party. At the time TOP officially began on August 23, 2021 a new political party was only required to gain 500 members. We had 550 members within few short weeks – an Australia record!

On August 24, 2021 Mr Morrison increased eligibility threefold. That too, we did in record time! On Christmas Eve TOP submitted an application to be registered as a political party to the Australian Electoral Commission.

Before we know it the Federal Election will be upon us. We have a huge amount to achieve between now and then. TOP needs to establish branches in every electorate and continue to attract outstanding candidates for both the House of Representatives and The Senate. Please contact us if either you or someone you know is interested in leading a Branch or running as a candidate.

I would encourage each and everyone of us to reach out to the silent majority, who have had enough of the despotic style rulership that has been rammed down our throats and want immediate changes and spread the word of our movement.

TOP is here to unite our country and to bring common sense, honesty, humility and respect into Australian politics. Where we lead others will follow. I have had many fruitful merger discussions with other party leaders who like us, want transparent government without cronyism or favour of any sort.

We all have family, friends or work colleagues, past and present. Now is the time to reach out to them, no matter where they live.

The wicked flee when no-one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion

Proverbs 28.1

Together we, as the Trumpet of Patriots, will speak as One Voice with the courage of the Heart of a Lion. Together, there is no stopping us and we will make the difference! Our fraternal bond for freedom surpasses any individual human frailties that we may possess. TOP celebrates the diversity of our multi-cultural Australia which has only enriched our unique Australian way of life.

2022 will see a ‘once in a lifetime’ election take place. It will be a historical first where 2022 will usher in fresh politicians with integrity and honourability and whose solemn duty is to serve the Will of the People.

We need all-hands-on-deck. Everybody needs to take an active role, so that the Trumpet of Patriots will be a major player in the on-going government of Australia.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and honour your faith and commitment, welcoming you into our TOP Family.

Nick Duffield

Founder and President of Trumpet of Patriots

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