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Power resides in the Sovereignty of We The People

What makes the Trumpet of Patriots different to all other political parties is that TOP was forged as a response to the medical tyranny imposed upon us against our will. It is 100% run by everyday Australian's and not career politicians that have failed us for decades.

We didn't come from politics. TOP’s membership comes from all walks of life, including mothers and fathers; employed and unemployed; government and the private sectors; small business owners and middle management; essential workers such as nurses, teachers, police officers, tradies and retail workers… 


Most of all, TOP’s members are awake and demonstrate true character standing for freedom and bodily autonomy.

​TOP will help bring positive and lasting transformation to the Australian political landscape. 

TOP will not only Make Australia Free Again, it will bring healing to the deliberate divisions created in recent times through the restoration of pride in our national ability as we embrace the Original Australian as well as our diverse multi-culturalism that makes our country vibrant.

Locally, we need to maintain harmony and cleanse Australia of corruption, nepotism and political incompetence that represents the current Australian Government.


Internationally, we want Australia to be recognised as a fair, friendly, responsible and compassionate country and a must-visit destination for tourists.


We stand up to restore and defend the rights and freedoms of the people, because

We ARE the People.

Our Leadership


Matilda Bawden.jpg

Matilda Bawden





Nick Duffield

Founder & President

A message from our
Founder and President



Wade Bekesi.jpg

Wade Bekesi

Co-founder & Vice-President

Our TOP Values

  • Freedom of Speech

  • Freedom of Thought

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Freedom of Bodily Autonomy

  • Freedom of Self-Determination
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Association & Affiliation

  • Freedom of Choice, Free of Coercion, Threat or Endangerment

  • Freedom from Surveillance & Government Control

  • Freedom from persecution

  • Empowering Equality of Opportunity for ALL Australians

  • Equal Force to Protect Yourself, the Lawful Use of Self-Defence

  • The Right to Privacy and Protection of Property

  • Free and Independent Media and Investigative Journalism

Aussie Cossack

Do you realise the gravity of the political tyranny imposed against the will of the Australian People?


TOP is an acronym for Trumpet of Patriots, however ‘TOP’ places us at the head of the table. Where we lead, others will follow.

As a new political party acting for the best interests of We the People, the Executive understand the mammoth task ahead of us. TOP will be a real political force in the next election provided every member takes on an active role. There is strength in numbers and every contribution counts. 

For the upcoming Federal Election it is vital to understand that:

The quality of life and our very lives depend on
a voter backlash to the Liberal-Labor duopoly.



TOP intends to be a major player in this historic Change of Government and restore the rights and freedoms of The People of Australia when we are elected.

To this end every member of TOP needs to do their utmost to lead, to spread the word and to assist in raising the profile of TOP candidates in their local electorate.

TOP needs your help urgently and your on-going support in so many ways. TOP appreciates every members contribution in time, skills, service and money.

We are all ordinary people living in extraordinary times and understand “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

The critical criteria for assisting Our Movement is not: ‘Experience in politics’. The critical criteria is: ‘How willing you are to make a difference’.

We expect that you have heard these two adages before:

“Put a little bit in..... Get a little bit out. Put a lot in.... Get a lot out!”

“Do the thing and you will be given the power to do the thing.”

Ways to help TOP restore our Rights and Freedoms


TOP is the Voice of Reason and will bring honesty and integrity into Australian politics without entering into political degradation.


We recognise our volunteers as the backbone of TOP no matter how small or large their contribution.


Donations are the lifeblood of any political party and your  contributions are essential for a triumphant TOP campaign in 2022. 


TOP seeks unique candidates, who are loyal to true democracy with morals and integrity.

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