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All cause mortality in Australia - latest & official ABS data (July 2022)

RE-GEN MEDIA published the following video about the latest and official ABS data released in July 2022.

Yes, unfortunately, the trend line is still heading up - for the 3rd month in a row. It is early days but some things are starting to become clear. And this topic is now receiving attention in the main media, as it should be. These mortality rates are like war-time figures.

Meanwhile the experts can not tell us why this is happening, but they are certain and 100% confident as to why not.

Why is it so that many more Australians are dying in 2022?

The ABS report from deaths to July 2022 shows: - Cardio Vascular - Cancer - Dementia ...remain the biggest killers in Australia. But with sharp increase in mortality for those aged over 75 years, (excess mortality this year around the 22-23% mark) Dementia is surging as a significant recorded cause of death.

This latest data just released (Oct 27th) by the ABS showing 'Provisional All Cause Mortality for Registered Deaths to end of July 2022. Now at an excess rate 17.3% just how might Australia compare to other nations?

Our report summarizes the official data and also looks at the data and overseas trends, specifically the UK and Europe.

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